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Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society


Find the Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Membership Form, Registration Forms & more

Become a Member!
‚ÄčComplete the e-form that appears in the drop down below. For further support, contact our dedicated Membership Officer


Registration Forms

Here you can find the registration forms for both ewe lambs and ram lambs. 
Please download, complete and either email or post back to the Registration Officer. 
(If posting please ensure you have a duplicate copy of the completed form) 

Ram Lamb Registration Form
Ewe Lamb Registration Form

Society Sale Entry Forms

You can download a printable version of the Society Sale entry form for both sections - just simply click on which section it is your wanting below. 

Updating of information 

Please use this form to change any information you may see relevant. To download the form click here. 
Alternatively you can contact the secretary on -   

Membership Form