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Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

2020 online show results

August - Torwen Ram lamb 

Judge: Eleri Fflur Evans

I am 25 yrs old and have recently bought my first home in a small village near Aberystwyth.
Day to day I work in a nursery caring for young children but ky main interest lays with my sheep. My family and I keep commercial sheep mainly on our smallholding, but I have a small flock of Torwen sheep which I enjoy looking after.  I am responsible for the care and the health of my sheep and I strive to improve my flock of Torwen sheep. My interest started at a young age when my parents bought me and my older sister our own torwen and torddu ewes. I instantly took a big interest and grew my flock of Torwen sheep gradually as I grew older.
I entered my first competition at the age of 9 at one of the local shows and became successful at it. I show my sheep to this day winning rosettes and cups which sit proudly in my new home.  I happily prepare my sheep mysef for upcoming shows. I take good care and responsibility for my sheep and I always try to make sure they look their very best. I wish to enter bigger competitions in the future and grow my interest further.


1st Torddu Malcolm Evans

2nd Torddu Joseph family

3rd Torddu Catrin Price

4th Torddu Edward Rees

5th Torddu Sara & Cerys Brown

1st Torwen Malcolm Evans

2nd Torwen Sara & Cerys Brown

3rd Torwen Rhys Mills

4th Torwen Aeron Edwards

5th Torwen Sara Morgan


Judge for the Yearling Ewe Class: Rhys Mills.
Rhys is currently completing his A Levels at Llanidloes High School before hopefully heading off to study Geography at University. Alongside his study Rhys has continued to grow and improve his flock of Torwen Badger Face Sheep. Rhys started to keep Badgers after his grandparents purchased some Torddu ewe lambs to run alongside the Torwen ewes which they already owned. The Torwens took Rhys’s interest and he started showing at smaller local shows with success which led to a real enthusiasm for the Breed and Society. Over the past years Rhys has increased his flock from the starting 2 ewes to a flock of nearly 40 breeding ewes.  Rhys is fully responsible for the day to day care and management of his flock and most importantly the preparation of his show team. In 2019 Rhys had his most successful show year winning Male Champion Torwen at the RWAS. Rhys further demonstrated his presentation and showing skills at the All Stars Event last year where he competed on behalf of the Badger Sheep Society alongside Sean Jeffreys and Ellie Layton, taking a well-deserved 2nd place. Rhys was also selected by the Society to judge at the Annual NSA Sale of Torwens alongside Ifor Jones.
1st Torddu - Joseph family
2nd Torddu Sean Jeffreys
3rd Torddu Malcolm Evans
4th Torddu Catrin Price
1st Torwen Brown Family
2nd Torwen Jill Evans
3rd Torwen Malcolm Evans
4th Torwen Jennifer Williams

June 2020 - aged ewe (Judges Sara & Cerys Brown)
1st Torwen - Rhys Mills - TWE 494

2nd Torwen - Malcolm Evans - TWC 9

3rd Torwen - Huw Evans - TWC 47

1st Torddu - Huw Evans - Sub E3

2nd Torddu - Edward Rees - TDC 729

3rd Torddu - Jennifer Williams - TDC 1026


May 2020 - ram of any age (Judge Ellie Layton)

1st Torwen - Ifor Jones TWRG 51

2nd Torwen - Dafydd Williams TWRE 44

3rd Torwen - Meleri Brown TWRG27

4th Torwen - Rhys Mills TWRG 37

5th Torwen - Jill Evans TWRE 11

1st Torddu - Meleri Brown TDRG 42

2nd Torddu - Griff Jenkins TDRG 85

3rd Torddu - Donna Evans TDRC 11

4th Torddu - Robert Condell TDRG 74

5th Torddu - Christie Joseph TDRG 34