Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

Sheep for Sale

Sheep for sale on the society website must all be registered pedigree stock. To place an advert please contact the website manager with details of your sheep, location and contact details. A photograph is always helpful for securing a sale. Please let the website manager know when your sheep have been sold, otherwise adverts will removed after three months.
TIP for those of you taking photos of your sheep for sale, squat down to their level. You'll get far better photos than taking them standing up/from above.


We have a number of people looking to establish a flock of Torwen sheep - if anyone has any Pedigree & Registered sheep for sale please do contact The Web Admin


A selection of both Torddu & Torwen Ewes with lambs at foot. 
From a well known established flock. 
Based in Carmarthenshire Call 07816319381 for more details (added 22/04/2022)