Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

Cymdeithas Defaid Mynydd Torddu a Torwen Cymreig

Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

The Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society exists to promote and improve the Torddu and Torwen sheep. The purpose of the website is to offer, for the wider public, an introduction to the breed and to the activities of the society. For members of the society it is intended to provide an up-to-date source of news on the events and activities both past and future.

About the society

In the Mid 1970’s a small group of farmers in Mid Wales, who all kept a few Badger Face sheep got together to exchange some of their sheep and started breeding Badger Face with Badger Face. A meeting was held to form a Society in November 1976 and in the first year 32 members joined including a farmer from Anglesey who had kept Badger Face for 40 years and had a flock of about 300... more

About the breed

The Badger Face Welsh Mountain is a sheep with a long history. Sheep with the now familiar “badger” markings have been seen across Wales for as long as sheep have wandered the mountains and hills of Wales.

The breed comes in two distinct colours, Torwen and Torddu.

The breed produces exceptionally high quality meat with fine texture and excellent flavour... more

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