Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society

Royal Welsh 2023 Torwen Class Results

A complete list of results from the Torwen Badger Face Sheep classes which took place on the Monday of the Royal Welsh Show, 2023

2023 Torwen Class Winners line up
1st place TW Aged Ram

Aged Ram

1-Malcolm Evans

2-Davies Family

3- David Rom Hefin Thomas

4-Kate Hovers

5-Dafydd Williams

1st place TW Yearling Ram

Yearling Ram

1-Jill Alty Evans

2- Gaenor King & Sean Jeffreys

3-Gareth Jones

4-Llywellyn Evans

5-Malcolm Evans

6-Davies Family

1st place TW Ram Lamb

Ram Lamb

1-Dafydd Lewis

2- GW & MM Jones

3-Brown Family

4-Rhys Mills

5-Sara Hermanis

6-E & J Jones
1st place TW Aged Ewe

Aged ewe

1-Brown Family

2-Malcolm Evans

3- Cailtlin & Hari & Ela Williams 

4- E & J Jones 

5-Kate Hovers

6-Brown Family
1st place TW Yearling Ewe

Yearling Ewe

1-Malcolm Evans

2-Brown Family

3-Malcolm Evans

4-Dafydd Lewis

5-Gaenor King & Sean Jeffreys

6-E & J Jones

1st place TW Ewe Lamb

Ewe Lamb

1-Gaenor King & Sean Jeffreys

2-Gareth Jones

3- Gaenor King & Sean Jeffreys

4-Jill Alty Evans 

5-GW & MM Jones

6-Davies Family

1st place Group of 3

Group of 3

1-Jill Alty Evans

2-Gaenor King & Sean Jeffreys
Female Champion & Overall Champion

Female Champion-Yearling Ewe - Malcolm Evans

Res Female Champion- Ewe Lamb – Gaenor King & Sean Jeffreys

Male Champion & Reserve Champion

Male Champion-Malcolm Evans

Res Male Champion-Jill Alty Evans